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Subject: Re: [xliff] Draft Presentation for LISA Forum

Yves & Christian,

Apologies for not responding sooner. I just noticed the deadline was 
today, which has passed for both of you. Anyway, here are my thoughts.
The presentation looks good, as expected.


- Slide #5: <ys>Not sure if we need to include the charter. the slide
before summarize it, but it may be nice for people to have it in their
printouts (the speaker can skip quickly through it).</ys>
<jr>IMH(?)O the charter doesn't need to be in the presentation. As you

say, it is covered wellenough by the previous slide. If you printout a
Page view of the presentation, you could place the charter there.</jr>

- Slide #6:
<jr>On bullet point 4, we also have a large number of source file
to deal with, not just intermediate formats.</jr>

- Slide #10:
<jr>Speaking as a customer of localization, my number one reason for 
adopting XLIFF is that I have one standard file format to send to a 
vendor. Number 2 is that I don't have to develop a single file format
for a proprietary format I might use to package my localizable data.
number 3 is that I don't have to support a localization vendor when
are localizing one fo my proprietary file formats. I don't how
these concerns are to other customers but none of them are listed. If 
you list them it might be something like:
Standard file format for interchanging localizable data
- No support needed of proprietary formats
- No proprietary localization tools
- Simplifies file handoffs

- Slides #20 to #35: <ys>I still need to work on the snippets of
example (they
should be valid already, but I need to make them more 'realistic').
have also a full-blown XLIFF document that uses all those features, as
<jr>slide #31: Didn't we decide in the f2f that we would deprecate the
x, bx, 
& ex since these can be represented by ph, bpt, and ept?
slide #35: Are you sure you want to talk about the prop and ts since we
so quickly deprecating them?<jr>

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