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Subject: [xliff] suggestions for additional values

Title: Message
Hi there,
Here a couple of additional values I would like to suggest/discuss.
1. For 'count-typeValueListStd'
1.1 idBasedMatch
1.2 noMatch
1.3 repetition
1.4 noOfUsages
Remark: I guess 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 will be handy since they will allow
us to capture more of the information that is provided by many
Translation Memory tools. 1.4 is meant to say: 'This is an item that
is used x times in a certain context; example: this is a reusable text unit
which is used 42 times in other texts'.
2. For 'mtypeValueListStd'
2.1 part of list from ISO 12620 (6.3 data categories -> 2.1.1 term type)
Remark: We currently have values like 'abbrev' to assign a type to a
marked text. The portion of ISO 12620 which I am referring to has a very
comprehensive list of types for certain kinds of texts (namely terms).
It includes:
main entry term, synonym, quasi-synonym, international scientific term,
common name, internationalism, full form, abbreviated form of term,
abbreviation, short form of term, initialism, acronym, clipped term,
variant, transliterated form, transcribed form, romanized form, symbol,
formula, equation, logical expression, stock keeping unit, part number,
phraseological unit, collocation, set phrase, synonymous phrase,
standard text
2..2 part of built-in datatypes from XML schema (see http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-2/#built-in-datatypes)
Remark: We currently have values like 'datetime'. The portion of the definition
for XML schema which I am referring to includes additional ones (such a 'gYear').
This enables statements such as: 'The stretch of text "12" does designate a year.'
3. For 'restypeValueListStd'
3.1 list for XUL (see http://www.xulplanet.com/references/elemref/)
4. For 'stateValueListStd'
4.1 not executable
4.2 executable
4.3 started
4.4 suspended
4.5 aborted
4.6 preliminary finished
4.7 finished
Remark: From my understanding, this already provides many opportunities
for modelling workflows.
5. For unitValueListStd
Remark: These are units which are for example counted by many
Translation Memory tools, and word processors.

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