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Subject: [xliff] [Fwd: OASIS-LISA Global e-Business Survey Results]

Hi all: 

Attached is presentation summarising a survey recently conducted by
OASIS in conjunction with LISA.  The compiled responses include numbers
of respondents presently using XLIFF as well as planning to deploy in
the near future.  It all makes for very interesting reading.

Patrick is actively soliciting suggestions and observations from the TAC
and our TC.  I suggest that we carefully examine the survey results
along with observations and suggestions,  and reply with our TC's
collective opinions and thoughts.

Best regards,

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Subject: OASIS-LISA Global e-Business Survey Results
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 03:28:23 -0500
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[Karl or Tony please forward to the XLIFF TC]

Attached are the slides which include the tabulated results from the
At the end of the slides are 2 Summary slides and 2 Observation slides.

Please keep in mind that this survey was originally designed to give a
level view of a potential emerging trend. To that end, I believe that
survey clearly justified the need and opportunity to focus on these

Excerpts from the slides (with some updates):

Observations: eBusiness Transactions:

- Consider follow-on work such as a more focused and detailed survey
would be designed to gather sufficient demographic information that
might be
helpful in better identifying the areas of uptake in finer granularity.

- Encourage involvement of globalization experts on many of OASIS TCs
	Auto Repair
	Controlled Trade
	Customer Info
	Human Markup
	Open Office XML Format
	Rights Language
	Topic Maps for Geography & Language
	User Interface Markup Language
	WS for Remote Portals
	WS for Interactive Application

- Create a new Committee focused on globalization of e-Business and Web
Services transaction content
	OASIS Universal Business Language
	Other Organizationsí Content Vocabularies: (ACORD, EAN, ONCE, OTA,
RosettaNet, ...)

Observations: Localisation Technology:

- Create a new Committee to define a vocabulary for marking up any XML
document with localization-related information in a standard way

- Create a new Committee to define a standard set of Web Service
for Localisation Vendors

- Identify opportunities to promote demonstrations of the XLIFF Standard
	Best Practices and Whitepapers
	Interoperability Demonstrations

These Observations should be considered drafts and suggestions, based on
analysis of the survey, together with interactions of various OASIS
attending the conference as well as other prospective members.  In
these recommendations are also based on observations of trends and
activities that are occurring outside of OASIS, such as goals and
at other organizations such as European Commission, CEN/ISSS (Europe
Standard org) and at other regional/country levels.

And of course, the creation of any new TC will only occur if 3 or more
members actually believe that such an activity is warranted.  However, I
representatives from other globalization/localization companies (who are
currently OASIS members) what expressed an interest to join OASIS to
participate in some of these recommended activities.

What I would like to ask from the TAB is a review of this information
and an
endorsement that these are strategically important activities.  Also, if
members of the TAB can suggest any other related activities, then they
should be added to this list of recommendations. Also, if the XLIFF TC
additional inputs, then I would like to see those considered also.

It is my understanding that some potential new TC is being discussed
week at the LRC conference in Dublin, where I am presenting.  More
information on that proposal is expected next week.

Patrick Gannon
President & CEO
PO Box 455, Billerica, MA  01821
+1-978-667-5115 x201 (Office)
+1-408-242-1018  (Mobile)
+1-978-667-5114  (Fax)

Attachment: Global-eBiz-Survey-Results.ppt
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