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Subject: [xliff] Working on the Specification Updates

Hi all,

=== Bryan: Thanks for the fix and example for the problem with ContentType
in the schema. I've implemented the changes. I've also merged the two XSDs
in one file.

=== John: Thanks for the list of notes. I've implemented most of them.

About you #7 (in your email): "7. Section 3.2.2 was originally created
because we were specifying the use of processing instructions for these
elements. Since we are no longer doing that and since there are other named
groups (phase-group), we could probably get rid of that section and move the
elements to there respective sections. This also affects sections 2.3 and

I'm not sure: I don't think those element where grouped there because of the
PIs: only two of them were linked to PIs.

On another point: I'm a little lost for issue #4 of Tony's tracking sheet
(Phase name in alt trans). It seems we have now a new value ('this-file')
for the 'origin' attribute, but I'm not clear on new attribute in trans-unit
and new values for state. Could you (or someone else) clarify the changes to
make in the spce?

=== Shigemichi: I've changed the definition of the version attribute so a
1.0 file can be validated  with the 1.1 XSD.

=== All: One of the changes we decided for 1.1 still need to be revered to
be backward compatible: The "change of the sequence of the elements in
<header>, <group>, <trans-unit>, <alt-trans>, and <bin-unit>." I'll wait
confirmation before making that reverse change.

=== Tony: In the tracking sheet issues 1, 2, 7, 9, 10, and 13 will be
closed. I'm working on closing #4 and #3 (that's your #10 John).

I hope to have a new spec and XSD for tomorrow's meeting.


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