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Subject: Re: [xliff] XLIFF TC Teleconference Minutes 6-May-2003

Thanks for the minutes. Just a couple of points of clarification:
- Per 1. Attendance, as evidenced by #3.b, I was in attendance.
- Per 3. XLIFF V1.1 Specification, I thought we decided to use the TC balloting method rather than voting next meeting?
- Per 4. Attendance records, I thought we asked that Tony apply the Oasis TC membership rules that already exist?

>>> David Pooley <DPooley@sdlintl.com> 5/6/03 10:34:19 AM >>>

XLIFF TC Teleconference Meeting - 6th May 2003


1. Attendance

Bryan Schnabel, Christian Lieske, David Pooley, Doug Domeny, Gerard Cattin des Bois, Mark Levins, Mat Lovatt, Milan Karasek, Tony Jewtushenko, Yves Savourel


2. Last Weeks Minutes

These were accepted without opposition.


3. XLIFF V1.1 Specification


a) Discussion of inline elements

Yves outlined his opinion on how the id and rid attributes should be used. Some discussion followed and Yves/Doug agreed to clarify the wording for the specification. <bpt>/<ept> and <bx>/<ex> will be linked by having the same id attribute.


b) ctype attribute

John Reid started a discussion on the ctype attribute of inline tags, highlighting changes that have been made since V1.0. It was decided that this can be deferred until post V1.1 when inline tags are revisited.


A target of EOD Thursday was given for all changes to the specification. Tony suggested that we vote on this as a committee spec. Any other changes will be made after the voting is complete. Yves will post the spec on Thursday and it will be voted upon during next Tuesday's meeting. All changes submitted to Yves.


4. Attendance records

A number of members have failed to meet the requirements for maintaining their OASIS TC membership. Tony asked for opinion on what should be done. It was decided to leave this to Tony as to what should be done with those members.


5. AOB

a) "Endgame" issues

Tony proposed that each of the contributors submit a voluntary IPR statement to relinquish IPR on any aspects of the specification on which they have worked. Tony will send around a piece of text as an example of what could be used. This will not hold up V1.1. After much discussion, it was decided to take any more issues it offline.


6. Meeting adjourned


David Pooley

Software Architect
SDL International

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