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Subject: Reformatted White Paper

Hi Tony,

Here is the document after some clean-up. There were a lots of different
styles defined, I've made some simplification.

Make sure to use styles (Normal, etc.) when creating new paragraphs, and
character style (like "Online Code") when marking up the tags within the

For block of codes: use soft-line-break between lines and the CodeBlock
still for the paragraph.

When copying from another file: Make sure to set the new text to default
paragraph characters (select the para, then Shift+Ctrl+Z) to have all the
default properties (languages is set to En-GB for example).

It's not perfect, I haven't finished the header/footer things for example,
and some styles need to be tuned up, but that can be done at the very end.

I have not changed the text, except for a few typos, spelling errors.

The text is Yellow is the comments that should be removed at the end.



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