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Subject: Some Questions on the white paper

In The White Paper, section 3.5 Keeping Track of Things
This section discusses using the alt-trans element as a change log
1) If An "XLIFF Compliant" editor edits a file, is it mandatory to maintain a change log?
2) If the change log stores only the new translation for each phase, where do we store the target text placed in the file by the file generator. I.,E. should the editor create a default alt-trans containing the target text in the original file as soon as it modifies a target, or should file generators create this alt-trans by default
This is the scenario I need to handle
I will be sending an XLIFF File to a Translation Company
When I receive the fully translated file from the translation company, I want to identify what transunits have been modified, and I want to see how the target text values have changed from what I originally sent- the other intermediate phases are irrelevant to me.
What I want to do is parse the file for transunits containing change logs ( Identifying modifications), and to compare these targets with what I originally sent out.
Ideally, I want to compare the target with an alt trans with some clearly defined phase name E.,G phase-name="ORIGINAL"
If I can rely on this element being in place I can perform my analysis. If not,  I need to generate the phase-name="ORIGINAL" elements myself in the original file, and identify changed targets by searching for other alt-trans
3) We are using alt-trans to:
    a) specify alternative translations
    b) maintain a change log
    These two uses are different. The only way to distinguish between them is parse the origin attribute
    E.,G, when I present a target for translation, I will present a list of possible targets from the alt-trans list. But How do I know which are really suggested translations, and ensure I do not present the translator with a list of suggested translations mixed with a list of rejected translations?
BTW In the 1.1 spec, there are two broken links to alt-trans <a href="#alt">

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