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xliff message

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Subject: XLIFF TC Short Description

Hi All:

OASIS is in the process of changing their website and will now have short (and I do mean short) descriptions of each of the TC's.  These descriptions will appear in navigation widgets,  and should be descriptive of our work.

They suggested the following description:

OASIS XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) TC

        Advancing a multi-lingual data exchange standard for localization.

and the description I think needs to be modified.   I suggest something along these lines:

        Advancing a data interchange standard for localisable software and document resources.
        Advancing a data interchange standard to aide the localisation of software and documents.

Anyone else care to share their wordsmithing skills?


Tony Jewtushenko				
Principal Product Manager - Oracle Application Development Tools
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

Direct tel: +353.1.8039080	

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