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Subject: Groups - XLIFF 1.1 PO/ POT Representation Guide (xliff-profile-po-1.1-draft-1.zip) uploaded

Updated XLIFF 1.1 PO / POT Representation Guide - responding to issues
reported by XLIFF TC

(Issues addressed below by Asgeir Frimannsson)
1) Examples of converted PO files.
I have provided two sample PO/XLIFF files, displaying the most common use
of PO. I have not provided examples of e.g. multiple PO domains, as I've
never seen any practical use of these in the community anyway.

2) Comment from Doug Domeny about use of <ph> elements:
I agree with Doug here that in many cases <x/> elements might be a better
option than <ph>. I have changed the guide (Section 3.4 and 5.6.3), leaving
the option open to use either <ph> or </x>. This is similar to how it's
done in the HTML repr. guide in many cases.

3) Typy
Fixed the typo found at the end of section 3.3

4) Use of context-groups in Section 5.5. (PO References) Haven't changed
anything here, but I'll mention the issue again. Here, multiple
context-group exists within the same hierarchical level in the document.
The XLIFF spec is a bit unclear if this is legal or not. For
<trans-unit id="1">
  <source>hello world</source>
  <context-group name="po-reference" purpose="location">
    <context type="sourcefile">example.c</context>
    <context type="linenumber">34</context>
  <context-group name="po-reference" purpose="location">
    <context type="sourcefile">otherfile.c</context>
    <context type="linenumber">233</context>

Another way of doing it would be e.g.:
<trans-unit id="1">
  <source>hello world</source>
  <context-group name="po-reference" purpose="location">
    <context type="x-po-reference">example.c:34</context>
    <context type="x-po-reference">otherfile.c:233</context>

 -- Mr. Tony Jewtushenko*

The document named XLIFF 1.1 PO/ POT Representation Guide
(xliff-profile-po-1.1-draft-1.zip) has been submitted by Mr. Tony
Jewtushenko* to the OASIS XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF)
TC document repository.

Document Description:
Updated XLIFF 1.1 PO/POT representation Guide - responding to issues raised

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-OASIS Open Administration

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