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Subject: RE: [xliff] Revised XLIFF 1.2 Committee Draft Archive

Title: Message
Hi Magnus,
I agree that we need to allow custom elements as extensions to the <xliff content.  I recall the TC coming to that conclusion (I think).  The proposed 1.2 spec already documents the extension point at the <xliff level.
I drafted new versions of the strict and transitional XSDs that add the extension point, and proposed that we incorporate the updated versions into tomorrow's ballot.
Since your proposal to add the file-name attribute, or an extension point has not been discussed in the TC, I'm reluctant to agree to make this change if we still want to have the ballot go out on time (tomorrow). 
Other views are welcomed.
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From: Magnus Martikainen [mailto:MMartikainen@sdl.com]
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 4:51 PM
To: Tony Jewtushenko; xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [xliff] Revised XLIFF 1.2 Committee Draft Archive

Hi all,


I have two suggestions:


1) I would strongly suggest that we allow custom elements as extension to the <xliff> content, not just attributes.

The intention with the extension point for the XLIFF element is to provide a suitable place to store information that applies to all files in the XLIFF document. Some examples could include: total document word count statistics, contact information, deadlines, tool settings, guidelines, embedded translation memories and glossaries, etc. I believe that for many of these purposes attributes are simply not sufficient.


2) I recently used the <internal-file> element and noticed that there is no way to store the file name and date/time stamp of the embedded file. May I suggest that we update the schema & spec to:

a) Add an optional file-name attribute to the <internal-file> element that may be used to store the original file name of the embedded file.

b) Allow custom attributes for the <internal-file> element, which can be used to store e.g. last modified date etc.


I realize this is very late in the game, and I really apologize for my late feedback; I’ve been traveling heavily the last 3 weeks and have not had a chance to go through my emails properly.






From: Tony Jewtushenko [mailto:tony.jewtushenko@productinnovator.com]
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 2:21 PM
To: xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [xliff] Revised XLIFF 1.2 Committee Draft Archive




I've attached the latest and hopefully final XLIFF 1.2 Committee Draft.  The spec and XSD should now be in a final state,  but there may be another distribution on Monday that includes revised sample files.


The issues that are addressed in this distribution mainly address issues highlighted by Asgeir's email,  and revision to the Segmentation section describing blanks (which now refers to SRX as well).


Please review and get any issues back to me as early as possible on Monday in order to enable us to ballot on this spec on Tuesday.


Below are the issues raised by Asgeir that have been addressed in this revision.





2.5.1. Adding Elements:
<xliff> and <seg-source> are listed as extension points - they are not
in the schema
(the listed <xliff> element above also has an incorrect html anchor link)

TONY> this needs to be corrected in the spec. SPEC DONE  Checked XSDs and both xliff and seg-source had extension points in recent schema’s – no additional revision made.  Is the reported problem a mistake?

2.5.2. Adding Attributes:
<xliff> and <seg-source> support non-xliff attributes in the schema,
but are not listed here.
(This probably relates to the issue above - a mixup when updating the spec?)
In addition, <tool> is currently listed, but does not support
non-xliff attributes in the schema.

TONY>I'll revise the spec but tool needs to be updated in the schema.  SPEC DONE ,  XSD DONE


2.5.3. Adding Attribute Values
Again, alttranstype and reformat supports user defined values ('x-')
in the schema, but are not listed here.

TONY>I'll revise the spec  DONE


Element detail for <target>:
Missing description of equiv-trans and equiv-trans is not listed in
optional attributes
TONY>I'll revise the spec DONE


Element detail for <group>:
Missing description of merged-trans and merged-trans is not listed in
optional attributes
TONY>I'll revise the spec DONE


Element detail for <alt-trans>
No anchor on <seg-source> element in description
TONY>I'll revise the spec DONE



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