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Subject: Re: [xliff] Wiki Document related to "Generic Inline Markup"

Hi Bryan,

----- "bryan s schnabel" <bryan.s.schnabel@tektronix.com> wrote:
> Hi Christian and Asgeir,
> This approach is very nice for understanding the scope of this
> discussion. I'd like to raise two thoughts about this page. 
> (1) I think it would be great to let members add comments - to
> document the discussion. But I recognize the need to not let the pages
> become unmanageable (i.e., littered with unmanaged notes).
> (2) I would like to add my opinion that the <itag> only be useful in
> XLIFF if it were prescribed (not just allowed) to contain content,
> like typical inline elements. In other words, I'm echoing my complaint
> that the "XML-ness" of <itag>, in the TMX examples, seems to have been
> taken away. I would not like that for XLIFF.
> So regarding (1),  I am tempted to add remarks myself.  But I realize
> we would really need to come up with some ground rules in order to
> make the wiki pages not grow to be unmanageable with comments.  I
> think we could have meaningful collaborative work done.  But maybe
> somebody would be entrusted to be the wiki gardener, with final
> authority to keep the pages managed (perhaps someone like Asgeir?).
> So if we think it's okay to go ahead and add comments (along with name
> and date). I would go ahead and do that (and the rest of this note
> could be ignored). But I'll go ahead and mention the notes I want to
> add, while they are still fresh in my mind.

Another approach would be to comment via email, and let the wiki page owner (or a gardener) manage the changes on the wiki, as well as adding the link to the email discussion to the relevant parts of the page. I share Rodolfo's concern that having everyone commenting on the wiki page itself is a bit messy. Other wiki systems (such as used by e.g. wikipedia) have proper commenting/discussion support, but without this support in the software, it's a bit harder to manage.

I have reformatted the page a bit adding Table of Contents and proper section numbers, so you can now add links in your email to the relevant section you wish to discuss.


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