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Subject: Validation state in XLIFF 2.0

Hi all,

What is the process to follow to add possible features to 2.0? (not content-related)

For example, I'd like the issue of the approved/state attribute to be solved. Should I just add an item in the wiki?

Just a summary:

Currently a trans-unit can have a approved attribute set to "yes' and the state attribute of the <target> set to any value,
including some clearly indicating that the translation is not ready. This is contradictory. It seems approved is just redundant for

In 1.2 in one place it says "The optional approved attribute indicates whether the translation has been approved by a reviewer":
That is what the state attribute of <target> is for no?

In another place it says "Approved - Indicates whether a translation is final or has passed its final review." Is it final if the
final review is done? If so why saying both? If not, what approved='yes' then means? that it is final or that the final review is

As XLIFF prime goal is to facilitate the exchange of data during a translation process, it is important to have a clear and well
defined description of what are the expected behavior for the possible values of state and approved. I'm testing several XLIFF
editor right now, and none of them do the same thing about setting state/approved: So it's almost useless for our localization


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