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xliff message

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Subject: Draft Minutes for XLIFF TC

Hi Bryan,

Here are the minutes. Feel free to edit.
(I've CCed the group in case they spot mistakes).


1) --- Roll call:
Yves, Bryan, David, Asgeir, Magnus, Christian, +Lucia.

2) --- Asgeir move to accept minute, Yves second.
No objections.

3) --- Review Common Requirements for elements between TMX and XLIFF 

Come to consensus on the requirements, then assign owners to propose wording for the spec

A. Report on the TMX meeting attended by XLIFF TC invitees  B. Christians proposal for next steps

C. Adding an adjacent item not included in the list on the wiki page: issues around SUB

D. Asgeir's thoughts on XLIFF 2.0 in 3D (Testing the friendship between XLIFF and TMX)

Christian: Need to have time and space to proceed, or we are losing momentum and opportunities. Need for timelines.

Bryan: Also for work in general (XLIFF 2.0)?

Christian: Personal opinion: just the inline markup.
Email is just examples. Main point is we need timelines.

Bryan: Group good at generating ideas, but less good at finalizing things. So I'm for it.

Yves: +1.

Christian: anyone thing it would be counter-productive?
None voiced.
Are current steps ok, or too generic?

Christian: Yes, high-level milestones would be fine.

Bryan: Feel like we are on step-2 already. So maybe need to have a deadline for that step and a milestone for step-3.
Second week of June for end of Step-2.
Yves, Asgeir: sounds good.
Christian: sounds fine.

Step-3 starting first week of July.

David: need scope defined (3.2) first. Or we won't know if requirements cover the scope.

Bryan: right.

David: 3.2 may need to be more developed.
At what level is the scope? Group? Or source/target?

Bryan: inline affect XLIFF above source/target?

David: Until next meeting for scope (questions).

Bryan: Conclusion of next meeting for closing step-1.

David: For example, all to answer questions listed in scope by next meeting.

Bryan: Wiki as the "source of truth" for our work. Email thread for discussion, wiki for the conclusion.
Is that ok with everyone?

Yves: yes. Asgeir: yes, I can also enter data to the wiki if some prefer.

Asgeir: email for the discussion, then we state the agreed upon conclusion in the wiki. We can use link to the emails.

David: yes. But make sure not all the burden to maintain the wiki falls on Asgeir's shoulder.

Asgeir: yes, for people comfortable with it, and cautious about not overriding other's work. It's a balance to find.

Bryan: make sure also to set comments when committing the changes.

David: Maybe to restrict what changes can be done between the meetings. For example for now, work only on the scope (add answers).
Asgeir: yes, bullet points for answer, and associated name.
If people more comfortable with email use email.

David: important to use email for notifying new info is being set.

Christian: are we discussing general discussion mechanism here? (not just inline content).

Asgeir: yes, a way to collaborate in general. Here applied to the inline content, but we can use this later for the other XLIFF 2.0

Bryan: yes.
Important to define the scope for example: is text just what in inside source/target or within group?

Summary from Bryan:
- define methodology for working on inline content, and may be useable for other parts of 2.0
- "scope" is the target for next meeting.
- people can edit wiki, email as well. Usually: use email for discussion and wiki for conclusion.
- no adding of requirements until we are done with scope.

4) --- Method to define when XLIFF 2.0 is done.
Tabled for later as Rodolfo is not there.

5) --- XLIFF 2.0 requirements
Not in this meeting.

Bryan: no new business.
Lucia: we can become voting member at the end of second meeting.

Next meeting is third Tuesday of May.

Meeting adjourned.

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