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Subject: Impressive grasp of XLIFF in Drupal Blog

Title: Message
I was pleased to see that Gábor Hojtsy has embraced XLIFF to implement "built-in content translation tools" for Drupal (http://www.developmentseed.org/blog/i18n/computer_aided_translation). I'm very impressed to see his in-depth understanding of XLIFF's intricacies (he even includes diagrams distinguishing the minimalist from the maximalist approach.
I was thinking this might be a good place for us to attempt a bit of *outreach* to see if we can help Drupal move to XLIFF 1.2 (I noticed he's using xliffRoundTrip Tool v.06, which supports XLIFF 1.1, and I'd love to move him into xliffRoundTrip Tool v.07, to get him into XLIFF 1.2).
Does anyone on the list have interest, knowledge, experience, or a connection to Drupal? Should we try to develop some synergy here?

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