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Subject: Time/Day for xliff-inline Subcomittee Teleconference

Hi everyone,

Since it is taking quite a bit of time to get the subcommittee setup, maybe we can start discussing one of the first item here: A day/time for the SC teleconference.

Tuesday seems to work for all for the XLIFF TC, so maybe we can simply do it the second Tuesday of every month?

Would this cause conflict for people attending the DITA teleconference? (I'm not sure when it is)
The third Tuesday would conflict with the ITS IG teleconference.

I assume the same time as for the TC (15:00 UTC, 8am PDT, 9am MDT, 11am EDT, noon Montevideo, 17:00 Europe, 1am-Wed Brisbane) would work.

Or maybe we can push it a bit earlier (at least for the northern summer days). 1am Wed is very early for Asgeir, I know he has also a meeting at 6am Tue: that is a long day.

If we make it 14:00 UTC That would maybe make it more palatable for Gold Coast residents (midnight), and even maybe Europeans (16:00 instead of 17:00) and Montevideanos (11am instead of noon). Moving one hour earlier would make it 8am MDT for me: ok in summer. The drawback is that would make it 7am for Bryan (but Bryan, keep in mind that you don't have to conduct the meeting: you can just listen while slowly waking up). Just an idea.

So, if you are planning on working in the SC, please answer this thread:

- Second Tuesday of the month: Yes / No (if No provide alternate day(s))
- 15:00 UTC (Same as TC): Preferred / Yes / No (if No please provide alternate time(s))
- 14:00 UTC: Preferred / Yes / No

My answers are:

- Second Tuesday of the month: Yes
- 15:00 UTC (Same as TC): Preferred
- 14:00 UTC: Yes


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