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Subject: RE: [xliff] Simplified XLIFF element tree

> However, the main problem I see with this approach is 
> the lack of encapsulation and connectivity between 
> extracted text and its translation units. 

+1. This is exemplified by the ids of <extr-text> and <group>: they are duplicated, showing those elements should have a single parent.

> With this, structural elements such as <group> live 
> outside of segmentation, and are used for their 
> intended purpose of representing structure in the original 
> content.

+1. We should avoid using the same element for different purposes.

> As far as I understand, there are no backwards-compatibility 
> requirements for XLIFF 2.0, so we can be creative in the 
> way this is implemented, rather than working around 
> limitations in the old format.

My understanding as well.


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