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Subject: RE: [xliff] Simplified XLIFF element tree

Hi Rodolfo, all,

> ...
> Your <trans-unit> elements don't have <source> elements.
> In an XLIFF file each segment should have a source and
> a target.

In XLIFF 1.2 we have <source> and <target> elements.
In XLIFF 2.0 we don't know yet what we have.

> Unsegmented text must be optional and independent from 
> translatable segments.

What is the rational for such a requirement?

I can't think of a reason why XLIFF 2.0 cannot have a single representation of the source with an optional way to indicate its segmentation.

> In fact, I expect it not to be present in common
> XLIFF files (my tools will probably never include
> the unsegmented text).

I have the opposite experience: By far, most XLIFF documents I see are not pre-segmented.


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