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Subject: RE: [xliff] Simplified XLIFF element tree

Hi Rodolfo, all,

>> It seems it would be simpler to have one element for each extracted 
>> unit, and the un/segmented information inside that element: Any type
>> of parser can access all of it at once, no need for linking or other
>> extra mechanism; finding/fixing/editing files is easier; etc.
> Please keep unsegmented information separate from translatable segments. 
> Like Andrzej, I don't plan to put unsegmented text in my XLIFF files.
> A common parent for unsegmented/segmented would be annoying unless it 
> is optional.
> Unsegmented text should be optional, as it is not needed for translating
> a segmented XLIFF. Unsegmented text should not be in the core XLIFF 
> module, it should live in a separate optional namespace.

Having the un-segmented text not part of the core and living in a separate optional namespace is a strange idea.

The first goal of XLIFF is to represent extracted text, not segmented extracted text.
The representation of the segmentation is what should be optional.


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