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Subject: SC dependencies with TC

Hi Bryan, all,

During today's XLIFF-Inline SC meeting we discussed a few things that underline some dependencies of the SC work to the TC progress.

For example, how segmentation will be represented in 2.0? If it ends up as some form of inline codes we'll have to know it, if not, it will also help.

Another example relates to features that may straddle inline code and outside-source/target information, for example: how 2.0 will represent translators comments? We can work out some general mechanism for referencing things out of the content, but this could be done directly inside as well.

In other words, there may be parts of the inline markup proposed specification that relates directly to parts outside the confines of <source> and <target>, and the sooner things are addressed for the overall 2.0 format, the sooner we can deliver our recommendation for the inline markup.

I think for example, coming up with a segmentation representation is important: it will clarify a lot of the general layout of a text unit.


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