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Subject: XLIFF TC Teleconference - Summary

Date:  Tuesday, 15 February 2011

=== 1/ Roll call

Presents: Bryan, Lucia, David, Rodolfo, Andrew, Arle, Yves, Christian (late)
Regrets: Christian (early on), Dimitra (can't participate to TC anymore)
Absents: Peter

=== 2/ Approve Tuesday, 01 February 2011 meeting minutes:

Bryan moves to accept the minutes
Rodolfo seconds
No objection

=== 3.1. ISO/OASIS XLIFF - XLIFF as an ISO standard (Peter)

Peter not on the call.
No other comments

=== 3.2. MIME-type for XLIFF (Christian) 

Christian not on the call.
No other comments

=== 3.3. XLIFF Symposium Debrief: "Voice of our customer" (Christian)
- Consolidated takeaways wiki page (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/Consolidated%20Takesaways%20from%20First%20XLIFF%20Symposium)
- Christian's slides: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xliff/download.php/39848/2010-10-08_1st%20XLIFF%20Symposium%20-%20XLIFF%20TC%20Summary-draft.pdf

Christian sent an email today about this.
Discussion tabled for when Christian is present.

=== 3.4. 2nd Annual XLIFF Symposium in Poland progress (Peter)

Arle: is it with the TM conference?
Bryan: Yes
Rodolfo: in Warsaw
Arle: discussing about a larger scope with Peter.

=== 3.5. Gathering common extension points from 
existing XLIFF Tools as a guide for 2.0 features (Bryan, Thomas)

Bryan: has trouble posting to xliff-user.
Thomas asked where tool makers need to add extension.
Bryan indicated we would use TC wiki.
Micah sent his matrix: (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201102/msg00007.html)
Bryan also sent his extension for RoundTripTool
Lucia: methodology for the matrix?
Rodolfo: Micah did a draft then contacted the tool vendors, did several rounds. He send the draft matrix.
Yves: Yes
Authors were copied in Micah's email.
David: worked on that matrix, there is a datasheet associated I think.
Bryan: we do have the Excel file.
David: Lucia would be perfect to add more tools :)
Bryan: presume we'll continue Micah's work using the same datasheet.
Lucia: will work on it.
Bryan: may let's do a formal hand-off to avoid duplicated work. Need to make it transparent too.
Rodolfo: we have to check with Micah.
David: Agree. We can maintain it.

Yves: matrix doesn't cover extensions
Rodolfo: extension is quite a challenge
Bryan: got verbal commitment from some tools makers to provide info.
There are several action items on this.
Need to make sure to presence this as an effort for progress
Rodolfo: currently don't care about extensions
Would provide no extension in 2.0 but make sure supplier have their features in 2.0
Would improve interoperability.
Arle: Second that. I have a case illustrating concern about extensions
Bryan: two different things:
a) gathering info from extension to do a good 2.0
b) disallow extensions in 2.0
Christian noted that vendors don't necessarily contact us to talk about their needs.
For now no harm in learning from existing extensions I think.

Rodolfo: shouldn't waste time to do reverse engineer their extension.
David: we have action items to get info. Going well so far.
Agree that eliminating extensions could be good. No sure if possible.
Rodolfo: maybe getting requirements would be easier.
Bryan: maybe we can for both.
We did vote in favor of gathering extension info.
Agree also that gathering requirements is needed.
Rodolfo: just saying it would be easier to get requirements
Arle: +1
Bryan: so we continue gathering of extension, and also gather requirements.
David: How to put this material in a way it's useable on the TC. Need process to get that information.
Bryan: we voted to use the TC wiki. The issue is: how to organize this on the wiki.
Need a volunteer to do this.
Rodolfo: all we do is public, so we can't gather info if there is no permission to publish it.
Bryan: agree.
David: only TC members have access to wiki. Concern is logistical: in what form should the info be presented.
Rodolfo: just get the volunteer gathering the info to add it to the wiki.
Arle: could use Google doc to communicate info, then migrate it.
Bryan: need a new wiki gardener, and maybe a more formal process for the gathering/publishing.
Meanwhile let's continue to gather info.
Google doc good idea, but not sure having a second place to look at was liked
Rodolfo: who is contacting whom?
Bryan: in the last minutes

ACTION ITEM: Arle to gather extension from GlobalSight.

Andrew: I just posted the extension from SDL. Couldn't upload file in wiki.
Bryan: call for a volunteer for wiki gardener.
Rodolfo: can we redistribute SDL extensions? (gathering a catalog)
Andrew: yes.

=== 4 Sub Committee Reports: Inline text (Yves)
a. Dependencies with other parts of XLIFF 2.0 
(dependencies http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201102/msg00002.html)

Yves: Pending action item to report to the TC on the different options for storing native code inline.

Also worked on the span-type marker and the different types of information. Came up with the thought that specialization (using different elements rather than a general <mrk> would be better for separation of the functionality/modularization, and allowing to support different levels of features.

=== 5.3. Review items from XLIFF 2.0 Dashboard (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/XLIFF2.0)
(move any items to Feature Tacking Section?)
 - As a TC, let's decide if we want to look at these during our meeting, 
   or ask members to look at these offline
  - Goal is to capture valid items, then delete this page

Rodolfo: some of the items require to have requirements.
Bryan: will start cleaning up the dashboard.
Will no longer refer to this on the agenda.
Rodolfo: it's obsolete
Bryan: let's just make sure we don't lose any info from there.

=== 10/ New Business

Rodolfo: Thanks to Bryan for the docbook conversion.

Meeting adjourned.

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