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Subject: RE: TAUS extended role as "Interoperability Watchdog"

Dear Herr Dr. Klemens Waldhör,

You are most welcomed to lend the XLIFF TC any help or bandwidth you can spare. Thank you for listing your experience and expertise - we would be most appreciative of your constructive partnership.

I can confirm that the information on our website will reflect the latest approved standards (be they fully approved, committee approved, or committee draft). However, what you will not (easily) get from the website is the day-to-day, meeting-to-meeting progress and momentum (you can always monitor the TC list, and also read the meeting minutes). I suggest the best way to really "get the pulse" of where we are moving, would be to join the TC. After I finish this email to you, I intend to respond to the email from Jaap in which I will express my advice that he initiate an official technical liaison with OASIS, which would enable non-OASIS members of TAUS to join the TC.

Sincere thanks - looking forward to your expert help,

Bryan Schnabel
Chair, OASIS XLIFF Technical Committee

-----Original Message-----
From: Dr. Klemens Waldhör [mailto:klemens.waldhoer@heartsome.de] 
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 11:29 PM
To: bryans@tektronix.com
Subject: TAUS extended role as "Interoperability Watchdog"

Dear Mr. Schnabel,

Jaap forwarded me an e-mail from you about the the "TAUS extended role as
"Interoperability Watchdog"". I am working now with Jaap on this in the TAUS
Standard Advisory board. At the moment I am checking the current status of
the standards (mainly TMX and XLIFF). 

I was always in favor of standards for a long time; when I developed my
first TM (Euramis for the CEC) in the 90ths our basic idea was to use SGML
(with a localisation dtd) as the pivot language between different document
types. I think this was the first time in localization such an idea was used
(at least as far as I know). And the time has shown that this is the correct
way although XLIFF etc. are now far away from our simple approach long time

In the companies I was in (EP, Alpnet, now Heartsome Europe) I consequently
based everything on XLIFF etc (many years ago Rodolfo and I worked
together). Also in openTMS www.opentms.de we use the standards as our basic

As said currently I am checking the standards for the  "Interoperability
Watchdog". I assume that all the relevant information (as always) can be
retrieved from the OASIS web site. If there is any further information
available it would be nice if you could tell me where I could get it.

I would be glad if I also could help you and Oasis in further evolving and
improving the localization standards.


Prof. Dr. Klemens Waldhör
Heartsome Europe GmbH
Friedrichstr. 17
D-90574 Roßtal
Tel: +49 9127 579001
Mobile D: +49 172 8104945
Mobile A: +43 (664) 6370141
Skype: klemens-waldhoer

Bilinguale Terminologie - Extraktion -

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Handelsgericht: Amtsgericht Fürth
UID: DE225881142

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