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Subject: RE: TAUS role extended to Interoperability Watchdog

Hi Jaap,


Thanks for this informative debrief! I downloaded the Annual Plan (http://www.translationautomation.com/images/stories/pdf/taus-annual-plan-2011-extended.pdf). I have not yet given it a thorough read, but I intend to.


I did notice on page 14 an encouraging quote: "TMX and XLIFF are flagged as the most important interchange standards in the TAUS interoperability survey. TAUS will get actively involved in the technical committees and help resolve outstanding issues and ensure a timely and purposeful release of future releases."


Speaking on behalf of the XLIFF TC, this is most welcomed! Improving XLIFF is (at least) a two fronted effort. On one front, we are most fortunate that we have the excellent input from a vocal group of user who are forthcoming and concise in communicating XLIFF 1.2's deficiencies and areas that need improvement. For this I am most grateful. But the other front is the actual committee work. Our TC is now doing the difficult, but necessary work of collecting, understanding, consolidating inputs; and (in some cases) resolving conflicting inputs. TAUS' active involvement on this front will help us greatly. In fact the timing could not be better. We are at a point now where we are working on both fronts to deliver XLIFF 2.0 in such a way that it better serves our community, and that (hopefully) the community does not have to wait so long for the improvements to reach them.


If you need any help in joining the TC, or need to know other ways to "get actively involved" I will be very happy to help.




Bryan Schnabel



ps., I hope you don't mind, I cc'd the XLIFF TC list. This will give us a reference to add to the agenda to address this effort.


From: Jaap van der Meer [mailto:jaap@translationautomation.ccsend.com] On Behalf Of Jaap van der Meer
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2011 6:27 AM
To: bryans@tektronix.com
Subject: TAUS role extended to Interoperability Watchdog

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