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Subject: RE: [xliff] XLIFF 2.0 Core

Hi Rodolfo,

Using a "unit > segment > language" structure looks ok to me. It is one of the two representations I was thinking about.

It does have the advantage to make the segment id un-necessary. Simpler is better.
We may have to think a bit about tools that allow cross-aligned segments, but that can possibly be resolved with an optional id.

The scenario you are describing is a good use case and I agree with the example of process: Segmentation change is one of the modifications the merging tool should be able to handle.

I also concur that clear definitions of the different parts are important.

> The example described above could be improved by adding optional 
> elements between segments that would hold stuff we don't want 
> translators to see, like the spaces at the start of a sentence 
> or perhaps some formatting that applies to the whole sentence.


So, yes Rodolfo, we basically agree.


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