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Subject: =?UTF-8?Q?RE:_=5Bxliff=5D_Micah=C2=B4s_Matrix_in_th?==?UTF-8?Q?e_wiki?=

Hi LucĂ­a,

Good job indeed.
Thanks for working on it.

The main issue with matrices like this is that the answers, as Micah underlined, are from different people, not necessarily developers. I would add that information from the developers is not necessarily better. They may not have the same definition of what "support" means.

For example, I've answered "partial support" for the alt-trans for the Okapi tool, because we support only alt-trans when it is of the alttranstype 'proposal'. But alt-trans has other functions.

I'm pretty sure that a few of the alt-trans support labeled "full" in the matrix do not support more than the 'proposal' type either. Or worst: they may not even check the alttranstype and allow to use 'previous-version' or 'rejected' alt-trans entries like a 'proposal' one. That is the case for GlobalSight for instance. (At least for that tool one can check the source code).

This said, that matrix contains already a lot of useful information, and I'm glad it exists.

For 2.0 we will have to be much more precise in the processing expectations.


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