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Subject: Liaison report for TC 37

Hi All,
The ISO TC 37 annual meeting takes place in Seoul in mid June. I will be going there as an expert from Ireland's stanard body, NSAI and liaison from the XLIFF TC. I have written the attached report which I would appreciate you looking at and coming back if there is anything you disaprove of.
The only contraversial thing in the report is that the chair of one of the sub committees has made comments about XLIFF being part of MLIF which the TC is against. I have commented on this in the paragraph which I copied below:

ISO TC 37 Liaison

The OASIS XLIFF TC and OASIS were voted liaison members of TC 37 at the end of 2010. We would like to thank TC 37 for this. We understand that the OASIS XLIFF TC will have the responsibility for developing XLIFF and both OASIS and ISO will publish the standard. At the time the OASIS XLIFF TC became a liaison member we were made aware of statements by the chair of ISO TC 37 SC 4 that XLIFF could be incorporated into part 2 of MLIF. The XLIFF TC does not agree with this. If any individual would like to make a proposal such as this they should be members of the XLIFF TC and do so through the XLIFF TC. We welcome the vote to establish a new SC 5 for the translation and interpreting industry and see this as the home for XLIFF within ISO TC 37.


TC 37 liaison.docx

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