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Subject: XLIFF TC Call - Summary (Jun-07-2011)

Teleconference Summary
Date: Tuesday, 07 June 2011
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm ET

=== 1/ Roll call

Present: Arle, Yves, Rodolfo, Tom, David-W, Bryan, David-F, Luc├Ča, Helena, Peter, John Wilcock (from Minitab)
Regrets: Andrew, Christian

Welcome back to Arle.
Welcome to John.

=== 2/ Approve Tuesday, 17 May 2011 meeting minutes:
Accept, reject, or amend.

Bryan moves to accept the minutes.
Rodolfo and Peter second
No objections

Concerns voiced, possibly need a vote to confirm that the XLIFF specification should stay in the XLIFF TC.
Rodolfo: This is the XLIFF TC, there is no other place to develop it. It cannot be move/donated somewhere else.
Peter: Same opinion. ISO may get published the specification too, but work is done in OASIS

=== 3/ Sub Committee Reports
- Inline text (Yves)
Nothing to report since last TC meeting. Next SC meeting is next week.
Done a wiki page for summary of work so far
David-F: looked at wiki summary, seemed clear.

=== 4/ Charter Draft (David F.)

David-F presented his "Program Charter" draft.

Bryan: A lot to take in, maybe we should look at it off-line, discuss it in the list (questions, proposals, etc.) and come back to it next meeting.
Maybe we should include URL of the ballots where applicable.
David-F: Yes
Rodolfo: This is useful if it replaces the wiki plan, otherwise it's like having two plans to follow.
David-F: So far we worked without deadline. But now as we are in the action phase, maybe we need to be more organized.
Agree with Rodolfo: this may conflict with the wiki plan.

ACTION ITEM: All to read David's plan and comment as needed.

=== 6/ Current XLIFF business 

  1. XLIFF and other standards: activity/impact
    a. LISA/OSCAR status

Arle: LISA standards still in legal limbo. Waiting on Michael Anobile.
What will happened: Formal donation of standards to ETSI, for maintenance of current version.
David-F: This needs clarification. According Patrick, the standards would not be donated, but copy/paste into ETSI templates.
Arle: Current versions could be posted "as is" in source forge.
Yves: there are already on Source forge
Arle: ETSI could then create other versions.
Helena: Please explain "already posted"
Yves: (only specs) by Raymond Martin (http://transtandards.sourceforge.net/formats.html)
Arle: I will make an "official" project.
They will be donated under RF to have a "home"
Peter: There is no documents at LISA/OSCAR saying the individuals have donated their IPRs to LISA.
How that is resolved?
Arle: LISA status says donation should be under RF
Terms of participation were clear on that.
Peter: so "gentleman agreement" in place?
Arle: Yes
Rodolfo: True, for example I never signed anything. (and I don't plan on claiming anything)
Arle: Could be resolved.
Some things were left a little too loose at LISA.

Bryan: we are at the top of the hour.

Started to discussed about a possible third TC meeting for "current business".
Will discuss by email private or public.

Any new business?

David-F: need the third meeting.
Bryan: Will work on this.

Meeting adjourned.

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