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Subject: RE: [xliff-inline] Complex tag content

Hi Arle, Bryan, all,

Interesting samples :)

> <span dojoType="dojo.data.ItemFileWriteStore" 
>       jsId="jsonStore" data="{&quot;identifier&quot;:&quot;id&quot;,
>                              &quot;label&quot;: &quot;label&quot;,
>                              &quot;items&quot;: [
>                                 { &quot;id&quot;:&quot;AF&quot;,
> &quot;label&quot;:&quot;&lt;b&gt;IMx&lt;/b&gt;&quot;,
> &quot;type&quot;:&quot;continent&quot;}, 
>                                  { &quot;id&quot;:&quot;AR&quot;
> ,&quot;label&quot;:&quot; <div class=\&quot;aaaa\&quot; onclick=
> \&quot;clicktest();\&quot;><\div> &quot;, &quot;type&quot;:&quot;
> country&quot; } 
>  ]
> }">

That one is a JSON text stored in the data attribute of a <span> element. And some of the JSON values that are translatable contain HTML codes.

A set of cascading sub-filters can parse this: The main filter is the HTML Filter, and it switches to a JSON filter for the content of 'data', and the JSON filter switches to HTML filter for the content of the translatable values. Tools like Rainbow or memoQ and I'm sure others have such capability to call cascading filters.

This is a good example of a case where the translatable text is a set of separate text units nested inside another one.
In this instance the XLIFF challenge is more an issue of how to represent and reference sub-flows.

> (I know, ideally there would have been an internationalization
> process that would have externalized the localizable content in 
> the second example, but we know that won't always happen in 
> the real world.)

Yes, but at some point people need to get real in the real world. Assuming filters and formats should somehow put up with unlimited amount of badly coded or badly internationalized material is not helping anyone on the long term. There is a threshold where junk has to be acknowledged as such. I'm just not sure where is that threshold.


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