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Subject: Update on the 2.0 experimental output

Hi all,

Just a word to let you know that I've updated the experimental extractor to XLIFF 2.0.

- You can for example try out the different representation for the inline code, including the storage of the 'inline skeleton' outside the content, with several codes re-using the same original data (use the Options button in the "Package Format" tab to select that).

- It also output notes and matches (you can try that for example by using an input file that is an XLIFF 1.2 document with <note> and <alt-trans>).

- Most (probably all) of the elements/attributes should follow the latest schema Rodolfo posted on SVN.

The latest version (okapi-apps-yourplatform) is here:

You can see more details on how to do an extraction here:


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