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Subject: RE: [xliff] We cannot remove *all* extensibility and support 1.4

Hi Bryan, all,

> It seems we polled today, we'd have 2 votes 
> (yours and mine) for:
> eliminating extensibility from XLIFF 2.0  y/n? No
> greatly reducing extensibility from XLIFF (perhaps 
> all of <body>) y/n Yes

I think extensions will be less needed if we make sure that either the core or the modules provide what users need.

But I think it would be wise to allow extensions in many place because the way to evolve XLIFF in the future is probably through custom extensions: Someone defines one, use it, has other tools starting to use it as well, and at some point the extension would become stable and used enough that it would make sense to change it into an official module; which would likely simply be a matter of switching its namespace.

But in the meantime, I think the best way to reduce the use of extensions is to make sure the core and the few modules we come up with early on are addressing the main needs of most users.


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