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Subject: Needed to hand-number items in Feature Tracking page



A word from the acting wiki gardener. . .


It was brought to my attention that leaving approved or discarded features in section 2 was becoming unwieldy (http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xliff/XLIFF2.0/FeatureTracking ). So I came up with an impromptu numbering scheme that requires hand-numbering. Basically we will need to add the owner's first initial plus the next available number any new proposed features (for example, see fake item 2.23 below). As items are promoted or demoted, they retain their lifetime ID number. The auto-generated numbers in the numbered list will become meaningless (other than to show us a quick count of items in that category).


The nice thing is that we will have the psychological effect of seeing section 1 (and in some cases section 3) get bigger - and section 2 get smaller: progress at a glance. 



    1.Approved Features for XLIFF 2.0

        1. (C28) Bare-bones XLIFF Core with Extensions

        2. (Y29) Enhanced Commenting Support

        3. (R30) Reference implementations or toolkit(s) similar to DITA

        4. (C31) Allow XML content in <internal-file> element

        5. (Y32) Segmentation

        6. (R33) Glossaries

        7. (Y22) Translation Proposals

        8. (B26) Add optional format attribute for quick at-a-glance review

    2. Features under consideration (not yet evaluated by TC)

        1. (S1) Change Tracking / Version Control

        2. (T2) Document-centric Localisation

        3. (C3) Native support for ITS

        4. (S4) Permission Control and Validation

        5. (T5) XLIFF as a Project Model

        6. (S6) Resource Inheritance

        7. (Y7) Improved Whitespace Handling

        8. (Y8) Translation State

        9. (Y9) Update Language Code Information

       10. (T10) Terminology Markup

       11. (C13) Subsetting / restricting XSD

       12. (C14) Using XLIFF as a primary content authoring container

       13. (C15) Mime-type for XLIFF

       14. (A16) Multiple File elements

       15. (D17) Criteria for Core vs. Module

       16. (R19) Use URLs in XLIFF 2.0 for attributes that point to files

       17. (Y20) Element simpleNote

       18. (Y21) Term Proposals

       19. (Y23) QA Annotations

       20. (S24) Representation of plural entries

       21. (B25) Preserve XML attribute or metadata without extensibility

       22. (Y27) Grouping of Entries

       23. (J34) Some new idea submitted by John Doe

   3.  Discarded Proposed Features

        1. (X0) Create RELAX NG version of XLIFF Schema

        2. (B12) Ability to store Multilingual Content


I hope this is okay with everybody (if not, I can change it back).




Bryan Schnabel
Content Management Architect
Phone: 503.627.5282

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