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Subject: RE: [xliff] Minor comments on the specifications

Hi Rodolfo, all,

> I don't mind highlighting "must", "should", "may" etc.
> All I would ask is to enclose them in <emphasis> so the stylesheets 
> work. Using <glossterm> is wrong, as we are explicitly not including a 
> glossary that defines those words, we rely on external documents.

Great. <emphasis> would be a plus.

What about simply uppercase? Less formatting and clearer (IMO).
I know RFC 2119 doesn't say we SHOULD use uppercase, but many OASIS specifications do, as well as all W3C ones: readers of specifications are used to it and understand what it means.
Just a thought.

> The HTML version is generated using the official XSL stylesheet, which 
> produces horribly styled HTML.
> I asked before if we could change it and Mary said no.

Oh well...


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