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Subject: Inline Markup SC passes on its proposal to the TC

Hi everyone,

The Inline markup sub-committee has concluded its work.
The proposal we have worked on since many months is now officially in the hands of the TC.

The motion for this has been passed unanimously and recorded here:

(Note that I'll post an informal ballot to the SC so the members without voting rights currently can record their opinion).

The proposal is already part of the current main draft.
There is one change that was decided today:

In section
old text = "• User agents may leave the existing target unchanged."
new text = "• User agents may leave the segment without target."

Fredrik will commit the change in the coming days.

This should address the first part of Jung's comment made here:

The second part: How to prevent (re-)segmentation is a TC matter and currently being discussed that does not affect the inline markup.

The sub-committee has no more work to do.
Many thanks for the SC members for your participation, especially at the Dublin face-to-face where we made a lot of progress.

No additional SC meetings are expected.


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