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xliff message

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Subject: I've updated the tracker with assignments and ballots agreed upon in the last TC meeting

I think I got them all right. But if anyone would like to check my accuracy, it is most welcomed.


Also, we had 4 unassigned items. I went ahead and assigned three, but I think I still need a volunteer for 144 “inconsistent PRs for cloning/replicating codes with copyOf


Here are the ones I just assigned:



csprd02 140: assigned to Bryan

type attribute for group

From Yves Savourel

I've noticed that the <group> element does not have a type attribute. This is something that existed in 1.2 and was used. An example of this would be to layout a table, with groups of rows and cells. Addendum from Yves: "We don't have a type attribute in unit either."



csprd02 141: assigned to Fredrik

xliff: prefix in size restriction

From Yves Savourel

Values for the standard profiles are called with a "xliff:" prefix (e.g. xliff:codepoints) It may be good to keep the same reserved prefix across core/modules of XLIFF. "xlf:" is used in type in the core. To be consistent I think it should either one, but not both.



csprd02 143: assigned to DavidF

MUST NOT in spanning description

From Yves Savourel

In the description of the inline codes we have: "Codes that MUST NOT overlap, that is: they cannot enclose a ..." I think this must not needs to be in lower case: this is not a must not applying to the format but just a description of what an overlapping code is.



csprd02 144: assigned to ?

From Yves Savourel

We have the following two PRs in different places: - Modifiers MUST NOT clone a code that has its canCopy attribute is set to no. - Modifiers SHOULD NOT replicate inline codes that have their attribute canCopy set to no. They are not consistent.

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