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Subject: Segment Modification

Hi all,

One of the processing requirements in the Segment Modification section says:

If attributes differ in values on the joined <segment> elements or their children elements, Modifiers MUST perform the following
transformations, according to which attributes actually differ.


- If the translate attributes differ the resulting <segment> element MUST have it set to yes

I don't think I agree. If we have:

<segment id='1'>
 <source>Sentence 1. <source>
<segment id='2' translate='no'>
 <source>No to be translated.</source>

Why would we do this:

<segment id='1'>
 <source>Sentence 1. No to be translated.</source>

When we could do this:

<segment id='1'>
 <source>Sentence 1. <mrk id='m1' translate='no'>No to be translated.</mrk></source>

Currently the PR is forcing the implementation to lose information.

I know the commenting period is closed, but reading the TC Process it looks like changes made after a review period can be made "as
a result of public review comments or from TC Member input." Since "public review comments" are defined separately here from "TC
Member input", and that there is nothing in the TC Process limiting when the "TC Member input" can be done, I'll take the TC can
make changes on any issue reported by a TC Member in this review cycle. I think it's better than to wait for a third public review
and possibly (if that third PR brings substantive changes) having to do a fourth one.


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