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Subject: RE: Proposed solution for csprd02 (RE: csprd02 comment - xml:lang and xml:space)

Hi Bryan,

> When you say ?I'm wondering if it's not worth having some note about this 
> in the xml:space section,? are you referring to xml:space?


> [add the following note]
> Note 
> Because the xml:space attribute is not prohibited on elements that allow 
> non-XLIFF namespace attributes, <source> or <target> elements that do 
> not have an xml:space attribute could inherit an xml:space value. 
> If an ancestor element has an xml:space attribute, the <source> or 
> <target> would inherit that value.

Sounds fine to me.

> As for your second point:
> ...
> I think you mean that elements who do not set their own xml:space, 
> who descend from  elements which do have xml:space set to something, 
> have the same value as that ancestor. 


> But I think if xml:space was not set on any ancestor, the Default value 
> is still ?default? for these <source> and <target> elements.
> Therefore, I think the proposed solution above satisfies this point as well.

Wouldn't be me more consistent to do like David did for srcDir and trgDir and indicates that the default value depends on the


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