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Subject: Question about note references

Hi TC folks,


Can you clarify for me how notes should be referenced? For example:



  <noted id=”n1”>Note 1</note>

  <noted id=”n2”>Note 2</note>

  <noted id=”n3”>Note 3</note>

  <noted id=”n4”>Note 4</note>


<segment id=”1”>

  <source><mrk type=”comment” ref=”#n1”>Hello World 1</mrk></source


<segment id=”2”>

  <source>Hello <mrk type=”comment” ref=”#n2”>World 2</mrk></source


<segment id=”3”>

  <source>Hello World 3</source


<segment id=”4”>

  <source>Hello World 4</source



It seems clear to me that “Note 1” only applies to the whole segment “Hello World 1”.

It also seems clear to me that “Note 2” only applies to the substring “World 2”.

I think that the intent is that both “Note 3” and “Note 4” apply to both “Hello World 3” and “Hello World 4” because there are no explicit references.

I am unsure, however, whether both “Note 3” and “Note 4” also apply to “Hello World 2” as a whole segment.


Thanks for the clarification,



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