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Subject: 16 June 2015 meeting minutes

From Lucía


Attendance: Ryan, Bryan, Tom, Uwe, Lucia, Yves, Fredrik, Michael Ow.

Regrets: David, Joachim.


--. Approve meeting minutes, 19 May 2015


B: I move to approve the previous meeting minutes.

U: I second.

B: Meetings approved.

--  Revise scheduled for XLIFF 2.1   

  B: Kevin was able to extrapolate from the different phases that 2.1 needs to go through and prepare a timeline.  The deadline is still October for the next step. We think that we are in good shape to meet our deadline. We need to have a look at the remaining modules to see if our candidate specification would be ready for that deadline (Kevin and I will have a look at that).


---: Summary of the FTF meeting that took place in the offices of Lionbridge in Berlin.

B: Kevin lead the discursion in Berlin.

[Bryan goes through the topics seen on the F2F, the F2F meeting minutes:

B: the meeting did not achieve quorum, but we have made good process. We cannot approve the minutes as official, because quorum was not achieved. But we can agree on the work that was done there. The strategy in the FTF was to look at the items that still need good attention. We look at HTML5 about the directionality issue. [Bryan continues going through the minutes of the FTF]. On the topic of provenance discussed on the FTF. Does it seem logical to everyone?

Fredrik: In the author option, everything will be populated. Does the merger will know if changes were made?

B: Yes, that an accurate categorization as far I understood it.

F: It sounds good to me.


B: Yves is now on the meeting. Did you get the ITS previous discussion? The summary that I’ve made from the FTF discussion on that topic.

Y: Sorry, I’ve missed that.

B: we have also talked about XML and serialization. That is not part of our mandate. We based groundwork with regarding XLIFF 2.2. [Bryan continues to go through the FTF meeting]. I open the floor for discussion on the FTF meeting minutes.

Fredrik: I do not completely understand the discussion on formatting and 2.2. What is the goal there?

B: That was pointed out by Joachim, that is the main topic for LSP and reviewers, to have more incontext information. We had also pointed out that HTML5 could help on this. David said that the resource and metadata modules could be used for that.

F: Thank you, it clarifies a bit. I do not understand the “Layout roundtrip”. To a limited degree yes, but for a complete will not be achievable. It can take a lot to design it.

B: Joachim just introduced the idea in the FTF and the bulk of the conversation took place in the symposium. There is a good discussion on software and how these challenges could be made. Overloading the fs module was not really an option.

F: a good solution would be to work on the inline tags.

B: It was a good meeting and good work was done. Nobody joined online.

I propose that the FTF meeting minutes come to consensus. That means that after this approval nobody objects on the topics presented on those minutes.

[Nobody objects]


B: The FEISGILTT minutes are being compelled.



Summer TC members availability. Action item: Lucía to create Doodle poll for the next three months to adjust to members availability. http://doodle.com/c35csmicwmudshra

  --- Requesting progress of ISO submision of XLIFF 2.0. We have not heard from them yet.

Sub Committee Report
    - no call today


B: new business? Meeting adjourned.



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