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Subject: Call For Dissent for canCopy attribute text

Dear Committee membres,
This is to deliver my action item with regards to this thread, raised by Ryan.

The issue is around definition of “corresponding” in the following constraint ( id):
  • The inline elements enclosed by a <target> element MUST use the duplicate id values of their corresponding inline elements enclosed within the sibling <source> element if and only if those corresponding elements exist.

and proper usage of “copyOf” attribute. 

As it was pointed out by Yves, the tag for matching inline elements for <source>/<target> pair is “id”. So only if ids match, they must have  the same set of attributes (and their values), i.e. if they have identical non-id attributes (and their values), they are not required to share the same id. 

With regard to “copyOf”, the confusion is caused mainly because the constraints around the usage of this attribute are in a different section than the description of the attribute ( copyOf). The following constraints, from sections “4 .7.2.4 Adding Codes” and “ Duplicating an Existing Code” respectively, clarify the valid scenario (also mentioned by Fredrik in the original thread):
  • The id value of the added code MUST be different from all id values in both source and target content of the unit where the new code is added.

Processing Requirements

  • Modifiers MUST NOT clone a code that has its canCopy attribute is set to no.

  • The copyOf attribute MUST be used when, and only when, the base code has no associated original data.

Therefore, in my opinion, adding a reference to to section “4.7 Inline Content” in the description of “copyOf" attribute (sec will address the issue.


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