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Subject: Summary of the XLIFF Call Nov-1

Summary of the XLIFF Call Nov-1

Present: Bryan, David, Tom, Felix, Yves, Phil

We have quorum

BS: move to accept the minutes of last call.
DF: seconds

DF: One note XLIFF 2 passed the ISO ballot, so we are close to the publication of XLIFF2 as ISO.
.. not official yet, but we should be able to have that soon.
BS: Thanks to people who worked on this (e.g. Peter and David)

DF: Sharing the JIRA page to see the initial comments
.. so far we have 9 comments, all from yves. Some simple editorial, other more complex.
.. 2.1_csprd01 is the label for this revision cycle.
.. some have a label to request TC discussion
.. reporters can be only TC members
.. for non-members we need to pick a TC member as the reporter, and make sure the non-member information is recorded.
.. also such reporter needs to check if the non-member reporter is satisfied with the response.
.. any TC member can use JIRA

YS: is JIRA accessible by the public?
DF: it should be.
YS: yes, the link is https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/XLIFF

BS: Will try to update the TC front page today about the review under way
.. and the JIRA link

BS: Did a recalculation of the timing.
.. we should be able to conduct public review 02, and still have candidate spec ready to submit my 23-December,
.. if we get now substantive comments on public review 2

DF: components: ITS module,CTR, other, and validation

DF: issue 1: 
.. Solution is to fix the broken links
All agree.

DF: issue 2:
.. think we could start with 'from scratch' and end with 'already there'
.. anyone has preference for the order?
No people have such preference.
.. can I mark the proposal as resolved then? (Using the order I proposed)
No dissent

FS: maybe comment #9 would be the best to discuss

DF: will marked #3 as resolved off line.

Moving to issue #9
Explanation of the issue is: https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/XLIFF-9
DF: don't agree because the ITS semantics does not work with sm/em

FS: issue also comes from the rules file
.. cannot have rules for those data categories without pointers

FS: did try to implement sm/em with specific
.. works with another step, but it's not ITS anymore
.. could be defined for XLIFF processing too

DF: could we have global pointer as extension in ITS?
FS: my method is non-pointing behavior
DF: think we need to separate ITS and XLIFF
.. not sure it's a good idea to use the ITS namespace
.. no ITS processor will be able to process the sm/em anyway

FS: need more implementation experience
DF: was disappointed that sm/em can be processed generically
.. also we have example of case where ITS implementation for a file format deviates: HTML translate.
YS: for defaults yes.
.. but HTML is a special case
FS: agree that for XML files from an ITS processor viewpoint, not being able to access some data categories is not good.

DF: discussion needs to continue on the mailing list
FS: do we have more people implementing the ITS module?

DF: need to reconnect with Microsoft to see if they are planning on ITS module implementation.
.. anyone who wants to comment can just comment on JIRA

DF: another big issue is the CTR module

Meeting adjourned

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