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Subject: Summary of the Call - XLIFF TC - Sep-20-2016

Here is the summary for today's XLIFF TC call.

(BTW: I'm afraid I could not capture everything in the CTR and LocNote discussions as I was one of the attendees talking. Please,
make corrections as needed).

Summary of the Call - XLIFF TC - Sep-20-2016

I Administration (0:00 - 0:10)
  A. Roll call

  B. Approve meeting minutes, 6 September 2016

BS: Not sure those are the right meeting minutes
.. So we will table the approval for later.

  C. Revise scheduled for XLIFF 2.1  

BS: No change as far as I know.
.. think we are still on track, right?

DF: We did slow down
.. we don't have started the public review draft yet.
.. may not be doable for this time.
.. so hopefully next time, but that'll a month late.
.. If we don't make next time we'll be in big trouble
BS: Make sense

DF: maybe we can go through the pending issues

.. We made good progress in ITS categories.
.. But Fredrik doesn't have time to get his action item done.
.. So should we drop the feature?
.. Felix was in favor.
.. Another thing is the rules file
.. Felix finished it.
.. We are missing the Schematron too.
Soroush: I should be able to do it by next time
DF: Also need some update in the XSD files from Tom
Tom: working on it.
DF: Also the fix for change tracking
.. several issues with CTR module (ID for source/target, segments, etc.)
.. could not find the time to write up a solution
.. also an action item for Tom to update the XSD for allowing more in the <item> element

YS: The CTR issues are difficult to solve
DF: I think it's important to be able to use segment/ignorable in the item
YS: yes, but it's very hard to implement.
DF: we should at least try to see if core can be used.
.. If that is not feasible we could then just fix the ref value for source/target and keep the content as text
BS: will try to get the size restriction solution from Fredrik
.. for the CTR: could we have example of un-implementable?
DF: we thought just adding inline would be ok, but we found the issue later.
.. will try to get Chase input on this.
Basically the items blocking us are in the status email.


II XLIFF 2.1 (0:10 - 0:45)

Latest printout


  L * Localization Note vs <note>  (Yves)
BS: Also the issue with Localization Note
YS: It seems the ITS Localization Notes and the XLIFF <note> simply don't have the same semantics
... (Yves described the issues)
DF: We should be able to have rules that would make the ITS mapping work
YS: but we would have different behavior when you look at the same <note> from an XLIFF core or an ITS Module viewpoint
.. that would be very strange and very hard to implement (e.g. inheritance)
DF: what is Felix take on this.
BS:  see https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201609/msg00048.html
.. Basically: giving guidance for the extraction is what we could do.

BS: We have a hard stop at the top of the hour
End of the call

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