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xliff message

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Subject: Meeting minutes

Dear all,


Please find below a summary of today’s discussion.


Attendance: Yoshito, Rodolfo, Bryan, Lucía, Manuel

Regrets: David

I. Administration
A. Introduction of the TC members.

[All the members of the TC introduce themselves to Manuel. Lucía also presents a brief presentation on how the TC works]

B. New member, introduction.

L: Manuel Souto will join us officially soon as new member of the TC. He has kindly prepare a presentation to introduce himself, his work on XLIFF, challenges he has faced, and proposals for the standard.

[Manuel Souto introduces himself and his work on XLIFF. Here is the link to his presentation https://slides.com/capstan/oasis-xliff-tc/]

L: Thank you very much for the great presentation you have prepared. And we are looking forward to having you officially on the TC.

B: Welcome, Manuel.


[When Manuel talks and proposes a second validation level for XLIFF, see https://slides.com/capstan/oasis-xliff-tc/#/17]

R: This is very interesting. This could be a very good contribution to the work of the TC.

M: This might not be very interesting for big companies that have a good support of XLIFF and implement best practices.

R: Some big companies for example in the new version of XLIFF do not provide support for the matches module. We need to provide best practices, indications that will help people to know what to do when they come with these cases.

[Manuel shows some examples of problems he has faced with XLIFF and solutions he has proposed.]

R: This might be very helpful, not only for your own case, but also for the community.

Y: Manuel’s presentation has inspired me. We have similar issues on this second validation that you mentioned. XLIFF spec does not have any control on specific cases that we have to deal with.

M: Good to see that I was not only the one dealing with those issues.

R: You are not, that is for sure.

M: One way to look at that could be that XLIFF can become a problem itself, these people are told to work with XLIFF, but the XLIFF they produce is more difficult to work with than the original content.

Y: Sometimes XLIFF is not aware of hidden constraints. It would be nice if XLIFF could set and define specific constraints. By doing so, we could catch those errors.

R: You have a new task, Yoshito, you can add this to github.

Y: I know the problem but not sure about the solution.

R: If you can start writing down the problem we could work later on a solution.

Y: sure.


II. Subcommittee and sister TC reports
C. TC world.

L: We have received an email with the call for participation for TC world if anybody wants to send a proposal.


L: We will cover the technical work on the official meeting. See you in two weeks. Meeting adjourned



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