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Subject: Use of fs:fs/fs:subFs in <note> element?

I am investigating how to carry translation note including link for external materials.

In XLIFF 2.1 specification, <note> element can have optional format style attributes â fs:fs ad fs:subFs. And the format style attributes from HTML including many inline elements. However, I have no idea how we can use them in <note>.


For example, if you want HTML fragment:


  Please check <a href="" screen capture</a>.


as <note> value, I may put fs:fs attribute like <notes fs:fs="html">, but it looks there is no way to represent inline <a> element in this case.


If this is a part of <source> or <target>, I understand it can be represented as below:


  <source>Please check <pc id="1" fs:fs="a" fs:subFs="href, http://foo.com/123.jpg ">the screen capture</pc>.


But, I don't think <pc> is allowed in <note> value If my understanding is correct.


Of course, if we put <a> tag as "&lt;a>" in <note> body, it is valid, but I suspect this is what the spec suggests.



    <note fs:fs="html">Please check &lt;a href="" screen capture&lt;/a>.</note>



Above should be valid, but I think this is not what XLIFF spec author thought about.

Do I misunderstand the specification? If not, what is the typical use case for fs:fs/fs:SubFs attribute in <note> element?




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