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xmlvoc-comment message

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Subject: Re: [xmlvoc-comment] invitation

Hi Erik,

At 14:54 23/08/02 +0200, Erik Wilde wrote:
>i just learned about the xmlvoc effort. being into web technologies and 
>xml myself, and being interested in linking for some time now, i have 
>created something similar. please have a look at

Wow. This will be very useful as input to the TC's work.
Why don't you join the TC yourself? Love to have you on board.
(Only drawback is you have to be an OASIS member...)


Steve Pepper, Chief Executive Officer <pepper@ontopia.net>
Convenor, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG3  Editor, XTM (XML Topic Maps)
Ontopia AS, Waldemar Thranes gt. 98, N-0175 Oslo, Norway.
http://www.ontopia.net/ phone: +47-23233080 GSM: +47-90827246

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