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xmlvoc-comment message

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Subject: [xmlvoc-comment] invitation


i just learned about the xmlvoc effort. being into web technologies and 
xml myself, and being interested in linking for some time now, i have 
created something similar. please have a look at


this started as an online version of the glossary of my book about web 
technologies, but has been extended substantially. the ontology is 
pretty simple and certainly needs improvement (also, it is invisible in 
the index, which only lists the instances, the ontology is only 
accessible through instances). i somehow shyed away from properly 
working on the ontology, because things get very very hairy there, the 
nice categories tend to blur if you look more closely, and because of 
this i decided to keep it simple.

however, i am sure that there could be some kind of synergy between 
these two efforts, so if anybody would be interested in cooperation, i 
certainly am, and it would be pretty easy to convert my "topic map" to 
xtm or xlink format.


erik wilde  -  tel:+41-1-6325132  -  fax:+41-1-6321035
           mailto:net.dret@dret.net -  http://dret.net/
           computer engineering and networks laboratory
           swiss federal institute of technology  (eth)
           * try not. do, or do not. there is no try. *

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