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Subject: [xri] Jumping into the pool!

TC Members-

We had a successful first meeting of the TC - I was very glad to see
everyone participating, even at the odd hours it may have taken place (for
some of you). 

There are a number of issues we agreed to take to the email list. When Mike
Lindelsee gets a chance, he will be sending out the minutes and we'll work
on getting it posted to the website. There will be a number of action items
for the entire TC, as well as the action items specifically assigned to
persons on the TC. When the minutes are sent out, I'll be sure to highlight
the action items coming out of the TC meeting. 

One thing that I know will be important in the coming weeks is to review the
strawman requirements document Mike sent out earlier in the week. You can
find it at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xri/200301/msg00003.html

I'm hoping we'll begin a dialog on it now in email. My expectation is that
it will soon become a draft (not just a strawman), on its way to becoming a
formal TC delivery. We did not have delivery schedule on the agenda for the
first meeting, and we have accepted a great deal of "fuzziness" in this
area. I think we need to be pretty aggressive with the scheduling of the
requirements delivery. I do not expect us to wait for final delivery of the
requirements document before significant work begins on the addressing spec
(the next item on our list of deliverables).

Again, thanks for your participation so far. Lets dive in and get started on
the meat!


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