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Subject: Re: [xri] versioning of authirity section [Issue 5]

Wachob, Gabe wrote:

>More specifically, I have several open questions and points w/r/t versioning naming authorities:
>1) What implication does this have for equivalence rules? (not specific to versions-in-the-naming-authority) That is, are two URIs with different version tags (or one with a version tag and one without) *ever* equivalent? URI schemes should specify equivalence rules - generally the default is "syntactic character-by-character equivalence" (usually with some ignorance of case for domain names)
I would think the could be.  Eg:

xri://owl.peterd.us/pets/dogs/dante  is equivalent (today) to 

in this case, version is expressing a state of things at a point in 
time.  When dante passes on to doggie heaven <emotion type="sniff"/>  
xri://owl.peterd.us/pets/dogs/eldest[:20030423] will still be accurate, 
however, xri://owl.peterd.us/pets/dogs/eldest would then be equivelant 
to xri://owl.peterd.us/pets/dogs/virgil

this (in part) is why i believe the TAG views versioning as such a 
sticky wicket.

>2) What implication for the resolutoin process (RDDDS for URIs). I see two cases:
>a) Version parts are interpreted "opaquely" -- that any version string (including the ':', ',', etc leading characters) are essentially unparsed by a resolver. In this case, i think DDDS-style resolution isn't really affected.  
>b) Version parts need to be "canonicalized" or otherwise parsed to make sure they are resolved correctly (from a semantic point of view). 
>It seems to me that #2 is the more likely situation since how does a resolver understand that a version of the naming authority 'as of January 20th' is the same one as that which is in place today? DDDS (and RDDDS) do resolution based on pattern matching - it seems to me that versions in the naming authority parts would totally eliminate DDDS as a viable resolution mechanism. I don't think versioning breaks the HTTP resolution, but it may break some caching semantics (because things which are not syntactically equal may in fact be semantically equal - need to think this through). 
Excellent point, and why i think an entire document for resolution with 
versioning could be warranted (but undesirable!).   DDDS will not assist 
here when there is a change of authority, unless the gaining authority 
is compeled to retain regex NAPTRs which may assist in the redirection 
of the authority part.

>3) I tend to think the distinction between XRI URIs (versioned namespace authorities) and XRI URNs (not versioned, since I think this breaks the semantics of "once and forever assigned..") makes sense. 
>Maybe the answer to #2 is that versioning is important in XRI URIs and that DDDS simply isn't an option there? 
Hmmm.. not entirely convinced of this yet.  I'll have to think more abt 
versions and DDDS.

---- peterd

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