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Subject: Summary of XRI TC telecon - Thursday, Septh 11th

XRI TC Members:
This is a summary of the topics covered on TC telecon today. Attending
were: Bill Washburn, Dave McAlpin, Gabe Wachob, Nat Sakimura, and
Drummond Reed.
There was general consensus that the feedback on the public draft has
not resulting in the need for any substantial changes with the exception
of the resolution simplification proposal Gabe already posted. Thus it
was agreed that we should aim to conclude the first Committee Draft
specification (the new name for a spec that has been approved at the TC
level) within the next four weeks, i.e., by Oct. 9th. That way we will
be ready to point folks at it at Digital ID World (Oct. 15 - 17 in
By the new OASIS TC rules, TC members must return 2 out of 3 ballots.
Since we are holding XRI TC business online, this is also the
requirement for continued membership. To make sure only active members
vote on the Committee Draft, we will be holding at least three votes
within the next four weeks. The first one will be formal approval of the
simplified resolution proposal (Gabe will post this vote tomorrow.) The
second one will be on any final syntax modifications (such as the
exclamation point issue, below.) And the third is planned to be the
Committee Draft approval. Others may be added as needed to reach our
Oct. 9 deadline.
We identified the following steps for completion of Working Draft 08
(the Committee Draft candidate):
1) Gabe will fold in the new resolution section and then attend to as
many of the Open Issues in Appendix G as he can, then hand off to Dave
M. by SEPT. 17.
2) Dave will do an editorial pass on Gabe's new resolution section,
proof Gabe's Open Issue closures, and then attend to as many other Open
Issues as he can before leaving for India. He will then hand off to
Drummond and Nat by SEPT 22.
3) Drummond and Nat will do the final top-to-bottom editorial pass,
closing any remaining open issues, checking for full editorial
consistency, formatting, I18N correctness, etc. They will then post by
SEPT 30th.for a final review by all TC members prior to the Committee
Draft vote.
Dave M wants his work on these transformation rules checked by someone
else on the TC. Gabe took the action item to either do this or delegate
We discussed and confirmed the conclusion in the 07 draft that for
normalization purposes, case insensitivity will only apply to: a)
percent encoding, and b) the XRI authority component in the US ASCII
character range.
There is consensus that white space must be percent-encoded at the URI
level and IRI (UTF8) level, but the issue of whether it should be
allowed at the XRI level needs further research.
Drummond proposed that exclamation point be "promoted" to the GCS level
for the sole purpose of being the dedicated GCS symbol for
human-readable comments that are ignored by all XRI parsers. He will
post a message with example and a specific proposal to the list.
We discussed making acknowledgement of those who have contributed
feedback, and also of listing Peter Davis as a contributor due to his
inability to continue as an editor. Anyone who feels that a non-TC
member should be listed in the acknowledgements, please send a note to
the list.
-----Original Message-----
From: Wachob, Gabe [mailto:gwachob@visa.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 2:31 PM
To: 'xri@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: [xri] XRI phone call this Thursday, Septh 11th
Its been a while since we've had a phone call. Things are moving forward
and we'd like to resync and plan for pushing through to completion of
the XRI spec. 
The call will be this Thursday at 3pm pacific time. (Still -0700 UTC)
Dialin info:
1-800-514-2819 for domestic US, +973-935-8596 for international, access
code 716233.
*	Setting a September "final push" schedule.
*	Proposed modifications/enhancements to the current v7 draft.
*	Assignment of tasks and deadlines to complete this draft.
*	Final committee approval process.
Everyone on the TC is welcome to join, although attendance is NOT
required for TC membership, as usual. 

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