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Subject: IMPORTANT: New Ballot

Those of you who are official XRI TC voting members should be getting a notice about a new Ballot that I've created on the TC. This ballot is on the question of whether or not to adopt the simplified resolution proposal.
Voting on this ballot is important for 2 reasons: 1) The proposal I made was relatively large, and I'm hoping to call attention to the fact that its something that may affect your attitude towards XRI on a macro level and 2) we need to start using ballots to ensure membership in the TC is well-defined (according to new Oasis membership rules).
So, everyone who wishes to continue being a member of the TC MUST vote on this ballot in the next 7 days. There is an option to abstain and an "other" option. You have no excuse!!! (Except not getting this email until too late, but we'll deal with that if it becomes an issue).
PLEASE VOTE at    http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xri/ballot.php?id=202&
If you are unable to vote and believe you should be a voting member of the TC, please let me know. We will be using these upcoming votes to clean up the membership status of the folks subscribed to the TC. We won't kick anyone off the email list, but rather want to make sure when it comes to important votes that we are clear about who is officially a voting member.

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