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Subject: FW: Certification for XRI 2.0 (XDI.ORG)

I am forwarding to the list this certification of successful XRI Syntax 2.0 usage from Andy Dale at XDI.ORG, who is not a member of the XRI TC but a very active member of the OASIS XDI (XRI Data Interchange) TC.




From: ad@ootao.com [mailto:ad@ootao.com]
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 12:52 PM
To: Drummond Reed
Subject: Certification for XRI 2.0


Dear Drummond,

XDI.org is happy to certify that we are successfully using the XRI Syntax 2.0 specification in several projects.

We have been engaged some time ago to provide LLLI, an large international nonprofit organization, with some new and innovative technology solutions. We have been able to leverage the properties of XRI 2.0 to greatly simplify and enhance our systems architecture.

I am also an active member of the OASIS XDI TC, a committee that is largely dependant upon the XRI 2.0 Draft Specification. XDI.org has built an early implementation of XDI services that also implement a large portion of the XRI 2.0 Draft Specification. This service is deployed and publicly available and getting very positive reviews.

Together with Cordance, XDI.org is also an active contributor to the i-tag project for using XRIs in tags. XRI 2.0 is already impacting the evolution of the tagging and microcontent communities.

We look forward to, and fully support, the advancement of the XRI Syntax 2.0 Draft Specification to full OASIS Standard status.

All the best,

Andy Dale
President and CEO, ooTao

Phone: 877-213-7935
Fax: 877-213-7935

i-name: =Andy.Dale

If you don't have your iName yet use this link:



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