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Subject: RE: [xri] Patterns

Title: RE: [xri] Patterns


I'm attracted to solution that allow for maximum flexibility, but I worry about interop and complexity of implementations. The proposal, as it is, makes the interpretation of the regexes *mandatory* on the part of the resolvers. The pattern regex would NOT be a hint, it would be a mandate. In other words, XRDs do not need to include the pattern, but if they did, it would have to be honored. I would like to have a spec that would allow resolvers to ignore the pattern matching, but thats against the intent of the pattern element in the first place.


[Wil] I’m with you there, Gabe. With regexp, the overhead may actually be significant enough since we are match a candidate against every pattern found, which requires each pattern to be parsed and compiled by the regexp engine. And for a proxy resolver, if the pattern *has* to be honored, it is easy to fall prey to DOS attacks.


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